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My knowledge - becoming your expertise

I am a legal terminologist having completed a Yale law course, also a legal translator with a university degree in translation, having passed international legal English skills exam TOLES at its advanced level, and a teacher of English.

An ideal combination to create, develop and elaborate a new approach in learning and teaching legal terminology and UK and US legal practice areas.

Here is what an Oxford Law Professor wrote about a legal English book I authored and about me in the preface to my book entitled 'A Practical Guide to English for Law':


"It may require someone who is not English by birth or by language to decode the rules by which native speakers guide themselves in wording legal English texts. In this astonishing work of reference and instruction, Szabó László has produced an account of the rules, principles, usages and understandings of legal English which has no equivalent, certainly in England, and in all probability anywhere else in the world. It will be of great use to people needing to express themselves (or their client’s instructions, intentions and agreements) in legal English and who wish to understand how these things are usually done.


Although it may appear to be daunting, because of its size and seriousness of purpose, this book is reassuring in its thoroughness, in its organisation, and in its many, many illustrations of the way in which the pieces of the language of legal English are put together. It is amazing to think that, in this frantic world, anyone would have the patience, the rigour, or the skill, to compile a compendium of this kind. But Szabó László has shown that he has all of these, and all those who have the need or the opportunity to learn from, and to be reassured by, this most remarkable book, will be in his debt. It is a great honour, as well an immense pleasure, to commend this masterly work to all who may come across it."

It took nearly twenty years in legal translations and four years of intensive research on my part as well as one year of comprehensive and detailed proofreading by a U.S. attorney (with a law degree from Yale, and a degree in linguistics) to complete and present these books to you, for you to excel in Legal English.

Ideal for entry in, familiarisation with and excel in, seven new legal practice areas, to choose them as your areas of specialisations.

For a price EUR 9 – 18 for each specialisation (PDF ebooks) or EUR 59 for seven practice areas (hard copy book).

Please also read the menu item "About these books” for more detail in general and menu item ”Shop” to have a detailed description of each of these books.

Menu item REGISTER also offers a free 30 page book, entitled "Your complete guide to use the term evidence” for you to download, read and excel in writing texts in the topic of evidencing.

English for your success in law (c), in your  legal studies, in your legal career, in legal translations, and in teaching and learning legal English.

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